Here's my new toy - a Boehm Waldzither (a cittern by any other name)


Hear it sound happy (RealAudio clip)

Hear it sound sad (MP3)

Nine strings. Right now I have it tuned D CC GG DD AA

The headstock is certainly interesting - Similar to a Portuguese Fado guitarra. I use a harp tuning wrench to tune it.

The label reads:

C. H. Bohm (I assume this is the manufacturer)
Hamburg 5, Steintorweg 2 (address)
Fernsprecher: Alster 6825 (telephone number)
GEGR. 1897 (Founded 1897)
Erster und alleiniger Fabrikant der beruhmten (first and exclusive manufacturer of the famous)
---"Bohm-Waldzither" u. "Waldoline"---
Vor Nachahmungen wird gewarnt! (Of imitations one warns!)

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cittern01.ram - the metadata about the audio clip

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